The timeowl plugin comes with some existing report templates that helps you to get started. But its possible to create your own templates by simply creating sheets that start with an “_”.

Create your own template with 3 simple steps:

  • Create new Sheet with “_”-Prefix
  • Style the template
    (Here are some examples)
  • Create new report and select your newly created template

Template Placeholders

The timeowl template engine uses placeholders to add the report data into the google sheet. You can use these placeholders to add datafield into your template.

#TO-timerangeShows the requested timerange.
Example: 3/14/2022 – 3/20/2022
#TO-durationShows the total duration of the requested report
Example: 32:55
Default template placeholders


The query-placeholder is a more mighty placeholder that uses a json-query object to query the database. It works the same way as the reporting view within timeowl.

Available Parameters

groupByGrouping of the query. Only one level supported on Google Sheets
Options are:
– tag: Group by tag/project
– description: Group the same descriptions
– calendar: group by calendar
– day: Group by days
– week: Group by weeks (show the week number)
– month: Group by month
– year: Group by year
– log: show the raw log (every single tracking item)
fieldsWhat fields should be rendered (one column per entry)
Available fields:
– tag
– description
– calendarName
– label: Shows details
– duration
– date
– day
– week
– month
– year
– timestamp
calendarsList of calendarIds to filter
Available fields

Example Querys

Here are some examples and their outputs

Get list of tags
Get list of calendars
Raw timelog: