Our Google Sheets Plugin makes it easy to create customized Reports of your time tracking data. The reports are automatically updated and can be shared among collegues and customers.

The Plugin brings two new functions to your google sheet:

  • TIMEOWL: To only the duration based on given filters
  • TIMEOWL_TABLE: Runs a complex query and can return multiple values

How to Setup the Plugin

The plugin can be setup in just a couple steps. You don’t even need to register to timeowl beforehand. The account will be automatically registered during the process if not exist.

  1. Open a new Google Sheet
  2. Navigate to the Addon-Menu and click on “Manage Addons”
  3. Search for “TimeOwl”
  4. Install the TimeOwl Plugin from the Marketplace
  5. Accept the permissions of the TimeOwl Plugin
  6. Now use the TimeOwl Setup to connect your account
  7. On the TimeOwl Tab, sign into your Google Account and Accept the permissions
  8. You are ready to go!

The TIMEOWL-Function

The “TIMEOWL” function is simply used, to get a duration from your timetracking. You set filter parameters to ajust the results to your needs.