BIG Update – Brand new design

We’ve been working hard the last few months to completely revamp Timeowl. The tool should become responsive and modern. With the update, Timeowl is now also a so-called PWA and can be used like an app on the smartphone. No part of the app has remained untouched. The following is a brief overview of the most important new features.

The new dashboard

The new dashboard gives a quick overview of the work of the last days. How many hours have I worked today, this week and this month? The charts give you an impression of the different projects you have been working on. A monthly overview completes the dashboard. In addition, the timer is always visible on the desktop display, which can be used to quickly record new project times.


Time tracking now has its own page with its own calendar. Most TimeOwl users will probably continue to track their time in Googe Calendar or another calendar tool along with their other appointments.

With the update, however, it is now possible to directly edit the time tracking entries in the calendar in Timeowl as well. Here, too, there is the timer in the desktop view with which times can be quickly recorded.

Report Generator

We have put a lot of brainpower into the new report editor. The goal was to create a tool that is as flexible as possible and allows a wide range of evaluations. The result is the new grouping feature with which any number of dimensions can be evaluated. It may take a few minutes to get used to the new way of thinking, but it offers the right reports for every type of evaluation.

Each report can still be saved and reloaded. The reports can also be downloaded as Excel files.

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