Our Timer makes it easy to track your time. All Records are stored right into your desired callendar and accessable from everywhere.

Get easy access of your most used hashtags (Your projects).

Synchroniszed accross your devices: You can start on your destop and stop your time tracking right from your smartphone.

Custom Reports

Create your own reportings. And store them within Timeowl. All reports are allways up to date and can be exported to Excel-Files.

Charts & Dashboard

Setup your own dashboard and see how you consume your time. Stacked Bar-Charts give you a quick overview how you spend your time.

Easy Collaboration

Just import other calendars and add them to your trackings. Use Integration tools and 3rd Party apps to add items to your tracking.

Tools like Zapier, Ifft and Integrator can help you to track time based on Geo-Location, Phone-Status or Availability.