Update 0.10.0

A whole three months have passed since the last update and a lot has happened. Especially in the background. To enable the connection of other systems such as Google Sheets or Integromat in the future, we have created a new interface with OAuth, which is currently being tested. In addition, we worked a lot on the scalability and stability of the TimeOwl services. It is important to us to make sure that TimeOwl works reliably in interaction with third-party providers. Besides many small improvements, there are a few highlights in this update:

Round up / round down in timer

Many users have told us that they like to use the timer, but the minute-by-minute booking makes billing difficult. To address this issue, we have now introduced rounding buttons. You can now see the start and end time in the timer and round up or down to the nearest 15-minute increment.

OAuth Login Flow

TimeOwl now has its own OAuth provider. Sounds very technical, and it is. The normal user doesn’t really come into contact with it much. But with OAuth it is now possible for other developers to dock directly to TimeOwl and provide more exciting features. The first extensions are already in development. There will be more about this in the coming weeks.

More features and fixes in this version:

  • Feature: Remove User Accounts – Self Service
  • Feature: Database Migration to MongoDB
  • Fix: Enhance Crash Handling
  • Fix: Reseting Reports on invalid input
  • Fix: System-Logging performance enhancement
  • Fix: Bug on Dropdown selectors
  • Fix: Historical Data on Dashboard doublicates
  • Fix: Reset the omnisearch bar
  • Fix: Login-Issue on rare conditions

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